What We’re Up To in 2009

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A few weeks ago, we had a brainstorming lunch to come up with activities we want to do this year.  All that planning is close to coming to fruition, but first, a little more planning. 

It seems that activities don’t run themselves, so we need some folks to head up each of the things we decided to do. 

Here is a list of all the activities we decided on.  We are looking to have 2 people in charge of each activity.  People who have already volunteered are listed next to each activity.  If there is a blank, we need another leader for that.  Claim your position of authority by leaving a comment on this post.  If you want to lead something that has already been claimed, that’s ok.  I am sure that none of these leaders will complain about more help.

Things We Have Already Done That We Will Do Again

Christmas Party–Hillary & Stephanie

Ladies Pottery–Sarah & Blair

Man Days–Matt & _____

Ladies Lunches/ Dinners–Sarah & Heather

Provide Lunch for World Changers–Meredith & _____

Trunk or Treat–_____ & _____

Things We Haven’t Done, But Are Going to Do At Least Once

Sponsor a Needy Family @ Back-To-School Time–Amy & _____

Hiking/ Camping/ Rafting Trip–Russ & Mark & Keith

Community Kitchen–_____ & _____

TN Children’s Home Service Day–Chad & Carl

Wii Love Missions Tournament–Hillary & Kenny

Ronald McDonald House–Amanda & _____

Boating & Tubing–Skip & Russ

Cookout/ BBQ at the Prince’s–Annika & Lindsay

Things We Haven’t Done, But Are Going to Do on A Regular Basis

Sunday Sandwich Socials–Kelley & _____

Adopt a Senior Citizen–Lindsay & Amy

Serve Classmates (Moving, Weddings, Babies, etc)–Sarah & Lindsay

Organized Gifts & Follow-Up with Visitors–Amy & _____

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